hello world

First blog posts can be kinda awkward don’t you think? Trying to set the tone for things to come. I read blogs. A lot of blogs. I’m already a blogger and have been for years. My tastes have changed over that time but one thing remains – I like to feel a connection to the writer. Beautiful photographs are always a joy, but without any commentary, to me they’re just a gallery. The blog is home.

So maybe I won’t ‘set a tone’. I rather like the idea that I can do whatever I wish with this space. Sure there’ll be posts about my work, but there’ll be lots of completely random stuff too. I don’t intend to spill all the details of my life here but I’m sure that family and friends will make the odd appearance. Oh I know this is a business site. But truthfully, the best thing about this business is the people I get to meet. Of course I’ll post all new stuff to a gallery anyway so no need to suffer my witterings if you’d rather not. It’d be great to hear from anyone who does stop by so do say hello, maybe let me know what you think so far! 🙂

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