Finding a city centre location for portrait shoots can be tricky.  Ideally, you’re looking for a nice wide street with reasonable architecture, decent light and minimal traffic. No model is at her most relaxed when she’s worried about getting wiped out by unsuspecting drivers who, let’s face it, are unlikely to be expecting a photo-shoot in progress when they turn into a street!

If you’re looking to shoot portraits in Preston, then I can recommend Birley Street on a Sunday evening. At this point in the week it’s pretty quiet up there. There are bollards at the end of the street so what little traffic there is is travelling very slowly;  the brickwork is fairly photogenic;  there are a few interesting doors, and renovation work on the war memorial has made a bright white natural reflector.  Throw in a couple of cute models and you’re sorted! 🙂

Saskia is a new blogger and asked me to take a few shots to get her started.  Lily was just along for the experience. She has used photography as a skill for her Duke Of Edinburgh award and takes every opportunity to get involved in all things camera related these days. Pretty sure that the rest of the family get sick of hearing us wittering on about the ‘good light’. 🙂







brunette-standing-in-front-of wooden-door







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